AgingEmpowered was founded with the philosophy that all people can age well. AgingEmpowered offers care navigation and consulting services for older adults and their families as well as organizational consulting for senior living and senior care.

Founder Bio:

Colleen holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development with an emphasis in aging from the University of Missouri, and is currently completing her doctorate at USC (FIGHT ON!). With twenty years experience in the field of gerontology, she has practiced in various settings including: assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, home health, hospice, aging research, and nonprofit community resources. This foundation allows the AgingEmpowered practice to make practical, workable solutions to age well in every environment. Colleen’s passion for spreading the good word about aging can also be seen in the classroom; she is an adjunct instructor of Adult Development and Aging at the University of Missouri Department of Human Development and Family Science. Colleen enjoys bringing the text to life and inviting students to consider aging as a profession. Some join her in volunteering for her favorite nonprofits supporting older adults, the Alzheimer’s Association or Meal on Wheels of Columbia, Missouri. Colleen and her husband, Patrick, are also the primary supports for her famously independent octogenarian (that means 80+) father, “Farmer Frank.” Together, they garden, fix all that breaks, go to Lowe’s, and make delicious meals. For fun, Colleen and Patrick read, travel the world, hike, golf, and attend the many cultural events Columbia, Missouri, has to offer.