Care Navigation

Care Navigation Services

AgingEmpowered is passionate about providing Care Navigation services to older adults and their families. Practicing under the scope of Aging Life Care Professionals (formerly called Geriatric Care Managers:, Care Navigators are specially trained in all aspects of older adult health, and are skilled in recommending resources to older adults to help them age successfully in their homes, coordinate care, and find appropriate next homes, as necessary.

Assessment and Care Plan Development

Assessments and Plans of Care are the foundation for Care Navigation and other services. This Assessment and Care Plan process identifies strengths and determines potential areas of focus for enhanced well-being for the client. The AgingEmpowered Assessment mirrors common Geriatric Care Management assessments and reviews five factors of health including general wellness, functional health, psychological health, social engagement, and environmental fit and safety. Following the assessment, the care navigator meets with the client (and family or friends, if appropriate) to review the assessment and prioritize goals of care.

Care Navigation

Care Navigation (AKA case management) looks different to each client, because it is personalized to meet their needs.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention includes an emergent assessment with care plan recommendations to help families navigate the complex matrix of health care and senior living decisions. Receiving a call that your friend or family member has had an emergency is scary and stressful. The AgingEmpowered crisis team helps bring calm.

Aging-in-Place Consultation

Looking for strategies to ensure you or your loved one ages well at home? Consider an Aging-In-Place Assessment. An AIP assessment is a comprehensive review of the home environment which also considers the needs of the person living within that home. Recommendations for structural improvements as well as resources to help support an adult over the lifespan are offered in alignment with goals and resources.

Advance Care (End of Life) Planning