Endovenous Laser Ablation

Treatment for Vein Conditions

For patients who seek relief from their leg or feet symptoms and want more energy and better sleep, this is an office treatment which will definitely help. Because the vein condition is not life threatening, most people try compression stockings to see if they relieve symptoms adequately. If they do not, this remarkable advance in vein care will certainly help, and treatments are easy to go through. These work by first numbing up the leg and then placing a tiny laser fiber in the abnormal vein. The laser seals the vein off on the inside and the vein does not have to be removed. Circulation then automatically reroutes to healthy normal veins and immediately improves. Over the counter pain medications are all that are needed after treatment.

  • Treatments take about 20 minutes office time about an hour
  • No activity restrictions after treatment
  • Resume exercise, work, chores immediately
  • Some bruising and tender lumps fade away in a few weeks
  • Tylenol, Aleve or ibuprofen are all that are needed after treatment

Treatment Benefits

Closing down the abnormal vein speeds up and improves the circulation and relieves leg and feet symptoms. Most people do not know that the abnormal stagnant vein circulation also causes inflammation to build and effects your entire body by causing low energy and stamina. After eliminating the stagnant circulation, inflammation from your veins is reduced and people get more energy and stamina – they feel healthier. What surprises many people is that the vein abnormality also interferes with sleep so people do not feel rested. After treatments, sleep quality improves for most patients and they feel and look healthier as a result. Most patients feel that treatments have improved their overall health.

  • Office treatment, no surgery or incisions!
  • Resolve leg and foot symptoms
  • Sleep improves, feel more rested
  • Look and feel healthier
  • Eliminate vein inflammation and tenderness from your legs
  • Experience more energy and stamina
  • Resume activities you have been skipping
  • Start an exercise or walking program
  • Increase your activity and lose weight
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