Spider Vein Treatment

Treatment Options

Spider veins are the end result of abnormal vein circulation. Not only are they unsightly but they can be associated with burning, stinging, itching, tenderness and pain. To ensure successful elimination of the spider veins, it is necessary to treat the veins feeding into the spider veins. This ensures that the abnormal high pressure is turned off and treatments are successful. To treat the feeder veins, it is often necessary to close down the larger veins with laser ablation and the veins under the skin with ultrasound guided injections. When these feeder veins are adequately treated, spider veins begin to close down. The final closure of the spider veins occurs during follow up treatments with direct injection into the tiny spider veins. Before spider vein treatments, we recommend evaluation with a screening unless an ultrasound has already been performed.

  • We first look for veins feeding into spider veins to treat
  • We use a special light to find the veins under the skin
  • We numb the skin up and inject medicine
  • The medicine closes the feeder veins down
  • Direct injection into the tiny spider veins is done as needed
  • Unsightly veins can take up to several months to fade and heal

Treatment Benefits

Treating the spider veins results in resolution of symptoms such as burning, stinging, itching, tenderness and pain. Most people note that their legs do feel better. People feel liberated when they see that their legs look normal again. Self-confidence improves, wardrobe options expand, people increase activities requiring shorts . People are always pleased to look at normal and healthy appearing legs and love the appearance as the unsightly veins disappear.

  • Resolve leg symptoms
  • Get your legs looking normal again
  • Eliminate vein inflammation and tenderness from your legs
  • Dramatic improvement in appearance
  • Resume activities you have been skipping
  • Wear clothes you have been avoiding
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