Criminal-Defense Law

Defend Your Reputation in Court

Build your criminal defense with help from a lawyer in Columbia, MO

Being charged with a crime doesn't have to damage your reputation. Build your criminal defense with help from an attorney at Welshon Law in Columbia, Missouri. We defend against a variety of misdemeanor charges. Our team of lawyers will work with you to build a case and present it to the judge with confidence.

Don't let charges ruin your character. Hire a criminal defense attorney.

If you're charged with a crime and don't have adequate defense in court, that charge can impact the rest of your life. Having someone to guide you through the process could keep you from:

  • Hurting your chances of employment
  • Gaining a criminal record that will follow you
  • Impacting your living situation and personal relationships
  • Affecting your travels, including immigration attempts

Don't show up to court unprepared. Speak to a criminal defense attorney in Columbia, Missouri about your options ASAP.